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The Vespian Way

I have all these ideas about my characters and their world that never make it to the page. Someone suggested I post them here so those that are reading the series and maybe want a little more can come and see snippets of things that deal with Heather, Storm, and the rest of the people populating my books.

First I want to post some images:

This came from my Pinterest page - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/262194009529488374/

This is how I see Heather, but with white hair and a little bit older - if I ever get closer I'll post that as well

Storm is a little harder to find - it's the smile he has - I have yet to find an image of someone who has the smile as well as the black hair and features I see in my mind. But his wolf... I found that quickly.

He even has Storm's gold eyes. This one came from FB.

I did fin one image I thought would work for Storm. Again he is younger than I want him to be and Storm has no tattoos the only mark he has is his is mating mark.

But physically he's built like this with the jet back hair and gold eyes. 

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